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BRB-seq: ultra-affordable high-throughput transcriptomics enabled by bulk RNA barcoding and sequencing

Daniel Alpern, Vincent Gardeux, Julie Russeil, Bastien Mangeat, Antonio C. A. Meireles-Filho, Romane Breysse, David Hacker and Bart Deplancke

Despite its widespread use, RNA-seq is still too laborious and expensive to replace RT-qPCR as the default gene expression analysis method. We present a novel approach, BRB-seq, which uses early multiplexing to produce 3′ cDNA libraries for dozens of samples, requiring just 2 hours of hands-on time. BRB-seq has a comparable performance to the standard TruSeq approach while showing greater tolerance for lower RNA quality and being up to 25 times cheaper. We anticipate that BRB-seq will transform basic laboratory practice given its capacity to generate genome-wide transcriptomic data at a similar cost as profiling four genes using RT-qPCR.

RNA Shearing

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April, 2019


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