Recipe for Perfect Chromatin Shearing


1 Bioruptor Pico Utrasonicator
1 Chromatin Shearing Optimization Kit of your choice:

  • Low SDS (<0.1%) for Histones
  • Low SDS (0.2%) for Transcription Factors
  • Higher SDS (0.5%) for Plants
  • High SDS (1%) for lower inputs

1 Epigenomics Chef (beginner or expert)!


  1. Shear your chromatin samples with the Pico and optimize shearing with the Shearing Optimization Kit.
  2. After determining optimal shearing conditions, shear your sample of interest with the perfect conditions.
  3. Use any iDeal ChIP-seq Kit or iDeal ChIP-qPCR Kit for your ChIP and use Diagenode's validated antibodies for immunoprecipitation, followed by purification.

Now your samples are ready for sequencing or qPCR analysis!

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