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Call for grant applications: Single cell ATAC-seq services grant

2020 scATAC-seq Grant Program


Diagenode’s scATAC-seq service makes assessing genome-wide chromatin accessibility studies from individual cells accessible to every researcher. Our method is powered by the combination of Bio-Rad’s droplet-based microfluidic and a hyperactive Tn5 transposase that brings adapters and barcodes to the chromatin of individual nuclei. This best-in-class solution supports a better understanding of the behavior of an individual cell in the context of its environment.

About Diagenode’s single cell ATAC-seq service provide

  • High capture efficiency up to 95%
  • Greater number of unique fragments (>10,000) per cell that map to the nuclear genome,
    ATAC peaks, and transcription start sites (TSSs)
  • Powerful and customized data analysis options

Get an overview of Diagenode scATAC-seq services

We want to know how you would use our single cell ATAC-seq services for your research! Just answer a few questions and you may be selected as our next grant winner!

Winning entries
Three winners will be selected and will receive a service credit (grand prize worth $30,000: 8 samples, first and second prizes worth $15,000: 4 samples). Winning entries will be selected based on uniqueness and incorporation of Diagenode products. Deadline for entry is October 7, 2020. Winners will be announced by October 30, 2020. Winner must agree to share non-confidential parts of their entry on our website and through our email newsletter.

Terms and Conditions

Grant submission: We will not use any information until your data is published.

Criteria: Grants will be awarded for submissions based on clarity and degree of incorporation of Diagenode’s scATAC-seq services.

Deadlines: All submissions must be received by October 7, 2020. Grants will be awarded by October 30, 2020. Applicants will be notified via e-mail.

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What is the main goal of your project?

How is scATAC-seq ideal for your research?

How does the Bio-Rad SureCell and Diagenode’s technology advantages fit into your goals?

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