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Join us for a webinar "Plasma and urine cell-free DNA methylomes in cancer detection" on October 1, 2020 at 11AM EST to learn from Dr. Pier Vitale Nuzzo, MD, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston.

Cell-free methylated DNA immunoprecipitation and high-throughput sequencing (cfMeDIP–seq) is a highly sensitive assay capable of detecting early-stage tumors. In this webinar, Dr. Nuzzo and Dr. Spisak will present the results of the paper recently published on Nature Medicine. The publication reported the first approach using cfMeDIP-Seq to reliably detect RCC from urine samples and also demonstrated an independent validation of this technique using plasma samples. Dr. Nuzzo will also talk about the potential application of cfMeDIP–seq in cancer monitoring.

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October 7, 2020  -  12AM EST
Bio-Rad coffee chat: discuss ATAC-seq - Damien Calay
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October 22, 2020  -  3 PM EST
"Adipose Tissue DNA Methylation and Epigenetic Regulatory Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance and Obesity" - Dr. SK Das from Wake Forest

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