True MicroChIP-seq & MicroPlex Library Preparation™ Package

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20 ChIP rxns and 12 library prep rxns

The True MicroChIP-seq kit combined with the MicroPlex Library Preparation kit provides a robust ChIP-seq protocol suitable for the investigation of histone modifications within chromatin from as few as 10 000 cells, including FACS sorted cells. The True MicroChIP-seq & MicroPlex Library Preparation™ Package contains everything you need for start-to-finish ChIP-seq including all validated buffers and reagents for chromatin shearing, immunoprecipitation, DNA purification and library preparation for exceptional ChIP-seq results. In addition, positive control antibodies and negative control PCR primers are included for your convenience and assurance of result sensitivity and specificity.

The True MicroChIP-seq & MicroPlex Library Preparation™ Package offers unique benefits:

  • An optimized chromatin preparation protocol compatible with low number of cells (10.000) in combination with the Bioruptor™ shearing device
  • Most complete kit available (covers all steps and includes control antibodies and primers)
  • Magnetic beads make ChIP easy, fast, and more reproducible
  • MicroChIP DiaPure columns (included in the kit) enable the maximum recovery of immunoprecipitation DNA suitable for any downstream application
  • Excellent ChIP-seq result with MicroPlex Library Preparation kit (included in the package) adapted for low input

For fast ChIP-seq on low input – check out Diagenode’s µChIPmentation for histones.

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    Chromatin Brochure BROCHURE
    Whether you are experienced or new to the field of chromatin immunoprecipitation, Diagenode has e...
    True MicroChIP and MicroPlex kits APPLICATION NOTE
    From minuscule amounts to magnificent results: reliable ChIP-seq data from 10,000 cells with the ...
    ChIP kit results with True MicroChIP kit POSTER
    Chromatin immunoprecipitation coupled with high-throughput sequencing (ChIP-seq) has become the g...
    MicroPlex Library Preparation kit v2 MANUAL
    MicroPlex v2 builds on the innovative MicroPlex chemistry to generate DNA libraries with ex...
    True MicroChIP-seq Kit MANUAL
    The True MicroChIP-seq kit provides a robust ChIP protocol suitable for the investigation of hist...
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    Functional dissection of Drosophila melanogaster SUUR protein influence on H3K27me3 profile
    Posukh O. V. et al.
    Background In eukaryotes, heterochromatin replicates late in S phase of the cell cycle and contains specific covalent modifications of histones. SuUR mutation found in Drosophila makes heterochromatin replicate earlier than in wild type and reduces the level of repressive histone modifications. SUUR protein was s...

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