True MicroChIP-seq & MicroPlex Library Preparation™ Package

Catalog Number
20 ChIP rxns and 12 library prep rxns

The True MicroChIP-seq kit combined with the MicroPlex Library Preparation kit provides a robust ChIP-seq protocol suitable for the investigation of histone modifications within chromatin from as few as 10 000 cells, including FACS sorted cells. The True MicroChIP-seq & MicroPlex Library Preparation™ Package contains everything you need for start-to-finish ChIP-seq including all validated buffers and reagents for chromatin shearing, immunoprecipitation, DNA purification and library preparation for exceptional ChIP-seq results. In addition, positive control antibodies and negative control PCR primers are included for your convenience and assurance of result sensitivity and specificity.

The True MicroChIP-seq & MicroPlex Library Preparation™ Package offers unique benefits:

  • An optimized chromatin preparation protocol compatible with low number of cells (10.000) in combination with the Bioruptor™ shearing device
  • Most complete kit available (covers all steps and includes control antibodies and primers)
  • Magnetic beads make ChIP easy, fast, and more reproducible
  • MicroChIP DiaPure columns (included in the kit) enable the maximum recovery of immunoprecipitation DNA suitable for any downstream application
  • Excellent ChIP-seq result with MicroPlex Library Preparation kit (included in the package) adapted for low input

For fast ChIP-seq on low input – check out Diagenode’s µChIPmentation for histones.


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