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RNF2 Antibody - ChIP-seq Grade

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50 μg
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Polyclonal antibody raised in rabbit against human RNF2 (Ring Finger Protein 2), using a recombinant protein. 

Concentration1 µg/µl
Species reactivityHuman, mouse
TypePolyclonal ChIP grade / ChIP-seq grade
PurityAffinity purified
PrecautionsThis product is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Applications Suggested dilution References
ChIP/ChIP-seq * 2 μg/ChIP Fig 1, 2
Western Blotting 1:1,000 Fig 3
Immunofluorescence 1:200 Fig 4

* Please note that the optimal antibody amount per ChIP should be determined by the end-user. We recommend testing 1-5 μl per IP.

  • Validation data

    RNF2 Antibody ChIP Grade

    Figure 1. ChIP results obtained with the Diagenode antibody directed against RNF2
    ChIP assays were performed using K562 cells, the Diagenode antibody against RNF2 (cat. No. C15410313) and optimized PCR primer sets for qPCR. ChIP was performed with the “iDeal ChIP-seq” kit (cat. No. C01010055), using sheared chromatin from 4 million cells. A titration consisting of 1, 2 and 5 μg of antibody per ChIP experiment was analyzed. IgG (2 μg/IP) was used as a negative IP control. Quantitative PCR was performed with optimized primers for the ARNTL2 gene and the non coding RNA genes LINC00629 and LINC00875, used as positive controls, and for the EIF4A2 promoter, used as a negative control. Figure 1 shows the recovery, expressed as a % of input (the relative amount of immunoprecipitated DNA compared to input DNA after qPCR analysis).

    RNF2 Antibody ChIP-seq Grade

    Figure 2. ChIP-seq results obtained with the Diagenode antibody directed against RNF2
    ChIP was performed on sheared chromatin from 4,000,000 K562 cells using 2 μg of the Diagenode antibody against RNF2 (Cat. No. C15410313) as described above. The IP’d DNA was subsequently analysed on an Illumina HiSeq 2000. Library preparation, cluster generation and sequencing were performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The 50 bp tags were aligned to the human genome using the BWA algorithm. Figure 2 shows the peak distribution along the complete sequence and a 300 kb region surrounding the HOX cluster of chromosome 7 (figure 2A and B) and in two regions surrounding the ARNTL2 and LINC00629 positive control genes, respectively (figure 2C and D). The position of the amplicon used for ChIP-qPCR is indicated by an arrow.

    RNF2 Antibody Western Blot

    Figure 3. Western blot analysis using the Diagenode antibody directed against RNF2
    Whole cell extracts from Jurkat cells (lane 1) and mouse testis (lane 2) were analysed by Western blot using the Diagenode antibody against RNF2 (Cat. No. C15410313) diluted 1:1,000. The position of the protein of interest is indicated on the right; the marker (in kDa) is shown on the left.

    RNF2 Antibody validated in Immunofluorescence

    Figure 4. Immunofluorescence using the Diagenode antibody directed against RNF2
    U2OS cells were stained with the Diagenode antibody against RNF2 (Cat. C15410313) diluted 1:200 (left). The right panel shows costaining of the nuclei with DAPI.

  • Target Description

    RNF2 (UniProt/Swiss-Prot entry Q99496) is an essential component of the PRC1 Polycomb group (PcG) protein complex. PcG proteins form multiprotein complexes that are important for the transcriptional repression of various genes involved in development and cell proliferation. The PRC1 complex. mediates monoubiquitination of ‘Lys-119’ of histone H2A (H2AK119Ub), thereby playing a central role in the histone code and in gene regulation. H2AK119Ub gives a specific tag for epigenetic transcriptional repression. It is required to maintain the transcriptionally repressive state of many genes, including Hox genes and participates in X chromosome inactivation of female mammals. PRC1 may also be involved in the initiation of both imprinted and random X inactivation.

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