PvuRts1l restriction enzyme

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PvuRts1I is a restriction enzyme that selectively cleaves 5-hmC-containing DNA sequences. PvuRts1I is able not only to discriminate between 5-hmC and 5-mC but it can also cleave both glucosylated and nonglucosylated 5-hmC DNA templates.

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    DNA Methylation
    Complete solutions for DNA methylation studies Whether you are experienced or new to the field of DNA methylation, Diagenode has everything you need to make your assay as easy and convenient as possible while ensuring consistent data betwee... Read more
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    Datasheet PvuRts1l restriction enzyme DATASHEET
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    An endoparasitoid wasp influences host DNA methylation
    Kumar S. et al.
    Parasitism by endoparasitoid wasps changes the expression of various host genes, and alters host immune and developmental processes. However, it is not clearly understood how parasitism changes host gene expression in a whole genome scale. This study focused on an epigenetic control of Cotesia plutellae, an endopara...

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