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ExoIP CD81 kit consists of immunoprecipitation method using magnetic capture beads coupled with antibodies that recognize exosome surface antigen CD81 for an optimal pure and high quality of exosome isolation.

  • Exosomes

    Exosomes are extracellular small vesicules of 30-100 nm constitutively released under certain stimuli in biological fluids including blood, urine, saliva, breast milk, culture medium of cell cultures, etc. Exosomes contain various molecular constituents of their cell of origin, including proteins and RNA.                                                                                                                                               Circulant exosomes can potentially act as cargo messenger and transfer molecules from one cell to another via membrane vesicle trafficking.                                                                                                                                                                                             Exosomes are suitable for a variety of downstream applications including RNA analysis, protein analysis and functional use.

  • Product description


    Diagenode's ExoIP CD81 kit was developed to optimize serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant exosome isolation.  

    This ready to use kit contains :
    • Magnetic capture beads coupled with anti-CD81 antibodies that recognize exosome surface CD81 antigens.
    • Treatment buffer that decreases the non-specific binding on the magnetic bead
    • Washing/dilution buffer
    • Exosome elution buffer to recover after immunocapture fully intact and functional exosomes

    Validation data

    We used several methods to charachterize and validate exosome isolated with our immunocapture ExoIP CD81 kit:

    • Validation by dynamic light scattering

    Characterization of vesicle population according their overall size by dynamic light scattering (from a Zetasizer Nano S, Malvern Instruments).
    Diagenode’s ExoIP yield to highly pure exosome preparations. The measured size of the vesicle population is in perfect accordance with the theoretical size range expected for exosomes: 30-100 nm.


    • Validation by electron microscopy

    The immunogold anti-CD9 labeling confirms the highly pure exosome preparations from HeLa Cell culture medium by showing clean exosomes in the samples.
    The vesicle highlighted herein is identified as an exosome according to their size and it characteristic morphology but also the precise anti-CD9 tag with the gold nanoparticles.


    • Validation by Western Blot on cell culture medium

    Western Blot results show that internal exosomal proteins Alix, HSP70 and TSG101 and membranous exosomal proteins CD63, CD9 and CD81 are expressed in ExoIP isolated vesicules from HEK 293T culture medium. These data demonstrate that vesicles isolated with the Diagenode’s ExoIP kits are very pure exosomes.


    • Validation by Western Blot on serum and plasma

    1. CD9 EoxIP kit
    2. CD63 ExoIP kit
    3. CD81 ExoIP kit
    4. Composite ExoIP Kit


    • Validation by Flow cytometry

    Flow analysis performed on isolated exosomes from different volumes of HEK 293T cell culture supernatant with ExoIP CD81 kit (BD FACS Canto II). Significant signal is obtained from low sample input. Signal is increasing according to the starting volume, reflecting the important binding capacity.


    Example of downstream application data

    qPCR application analysis to detect miRNA

    Relative miR-21 mRNA expression detected by qPCR on plasma exosomes isolated with ExoIP kits. No detection by ultracentrifugation exosome isolation.

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