ChIL probe (rat, anti-mouse)

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The ChIL probe is the key reagent of the ChIL-seq assay, a technique that combines immunostaining, transposase tagging and linear amplification for low-input epigenome/protein binding profiling even from single cells . The ChIL probe (goat, anti-rabbit) comprises a secondary antibody (anti-mouse IgG) conjugated with double-stranded DNA (ChIL DNA) containing a T7 promoter and a primer sequence for the sequencing library preparation, including a mosaic end for Tn5 transposase binding (Fig. 1). Moreover, the ChIL probe is labelled with tetramethylrhodamine (TAMRA) for microscopic spatial localization.

The ChIL probe has been validated using Diagenode's ChIL-seq protocol for cells adapted from the classic ChIL-seq protocol developed by Professor Ohkawa and  Professor Kimura in Japan ((Nat Cell Biol 21, 287–296 (2019), Nat Protoc 15, 3334–3360 (2020)). For the in situ transposition reaction Diagenode’s Tagmentase (Tn5 transposase) has been used.

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