Case study
November 16, 2011

Case study: Bioruptor® NGS for Unbiased DNA Shearing for Next-Generation Sequencing.

Wouter Coppieters, PhD, and his colleagues operate the genomics core facility at the GIGA center, University of Liège (Belgium). The center routinely performs a variety of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications including de novo sequencing, whole genome and amplicon sequencing, and targeted resequencing on an Illumina GAIIx analyzer. Coppieters recognizes that optimal sequencing results rely heavily on the quality and preparation of DNA libraries.

Library preparation can be complex with multiple steps that require optimization.

As Coppieters notes, "A prerequisite to obtaining high quality Next-Generation Sequencing data is to have libraries that have the desired insert size". In addition, obtaining good NGS data depends on a large number of factors such as the employed platforms, protocols, sample types, and experimental conditions in the library preparation. Each sample preparation step, including DNA shearing, must be as optimal as possible to avoid uneven read coverage. Also, libraries from genomes that are difficult to sequence (e.g. AT rich) may require additional optimization such that they provide an unbiased representation of the whole genome. To reduce the complexity of library preparation for NGS, Diagenode has launched the Bioruptor® NGS fully optimized for NGS applications.

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