Unparalleled ChIP and ChIP-Seq results
with rigorously validated antibodies

Finally, antibodies you can TRUST!

Since 2004, Diagenode has partnered with leading epigenetics experts and the epigenetics consortium to produce and validate epigenetic reagents including antibodies. In 2012, Diagenode revolutionized immunoprecipitation with a novel, rigorous antibody classification system for epigenetic assays. We have established a novel categorization of our antibodies into three different classes dependent on their level of validation to help you establish confidence in choosing your antibody. Finally, achieve robust results with antibodies you can TRUST.

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5-star rating in our catalog. Highest level of validation with superior performance for any application including ChIP-seq.

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4 star-rating in our catalog. Well-validated for most immunoassays including ChIP.

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3-star rating in our catalog. Successfully validated for specificity against corresponding antigen available for lower cost.

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Terms and conditions: Offer is limited and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Only valid for your first order of the following products: True MicroChIP kit (Cat. No. AB-002-0016), MicroPlex Library Preparation kit (Cat. No. AB-004-0012) or True MicroChIP & MicroPlex Library Preparation Package (Cat. No. AB-003-0016). Promo Code: TrueMicro-2012. Only valid for customers North America Valid until August 30, 2013.


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