Auto MeDIP kit

The Diagenode Auto MagMeDIP Kit (previous version named Auto MeDIP Kit) is designed to perform automated Immunoprecipitate of methylated DNA using the SX-8G IP-Star.

The Auto MagMeDIP kit contains the antibody directed against 5-methylcytosine as well as meDNA and unDNA internal IP controls. The IP has been optimized with Magnetic Beads technology to specifically select and precipitate the methylated DNA. The IP efficiency can indeed be double-checked with the use of our internal controls. Furthermore, the use of the Automated System will drastically increase the consistency of your MeDIP assay.

This product is now optimized using Magnetic Beads technology, 
please refer to Auto MagMeDIP to get more informations.

   New product version:
Auto MagMeDIP


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