Cell culture

3D cell culture plates

Higher physiological relevance with 3D cell culture plates

ChIP-seq results from 3D cell culture showed equivalent reproducibility to 2D cell culture for H3K4me3 and H3K27ac. However, 3D cell culture is advantageous over 2D cell culture with:

  • Better enrichment
  • Higher physiological relevance from spheroid cells
  • Easy to use

ChIP-Seq experiment performed on HepG2 cells cultivated in adherent condition with traditional 2D culture plates and in spheroids with our new 3D micro pattern culture plates, using H3K4me3 and H3K27ac targets. The 2D and 3D figures are nearly identical with equivalent peaks and read numbers, highlighting comparability to standard culture. Results from 3D cell culture, however, provide additional benefits such as stronger enrichment and higher physiological relevance from spheroid cells.

3D cell culture for in vivo epigenetic experiments

Diagenode offers a revolutionary solution to enhance your epigenetics research using cultured cells. Our new 3D micro pattern cell culture plates give physiological relevance to epigenetic experiments. Unlike 2D monolayer culture, 3D culture plates enable spheroid culture that favors natural cell-cell interaction and mimics the in vivo environment.

These ready-to-use and standardized plates are optimal for reproducible cell-based ChIP-seq assays as well as microscopic imaging, toxicology assays, and drug development.

2D monolayer Cell Culture

3D micro pattern Cell Culture

3D micro pattern cell culture plates

  • Physiologically and morphologically relevant: Adherent cells form more natural spheroids and allow measure of cell-to-cell interactions, not cell-to plastic
  • Easy and ready-to-use: No specific expertise required
  • Optimal performance: High reproducibility, cell growth and viability
  • Diverse applications: ChIP-seq experiments, drug and inhibitor screening, toxicity assays, co-culture, cell differentiation, and more
  • Automatable : Amenable for high-throughput and standard automation

Cell culture methods benchmarking

Cell activity
High throughput screening
Spheroid formation
Long term culture
Live imaging
2D Low binding affinity
3D 3D Diagenode micro pattern culture plate

Small insight into cancerous and other tested cell lines

Disease Cell line ATCC collection reference 2D Monolayer 100x 3D 40x 3D 100x
Hepatoma carcinoma HuH-1 TCP-1011
Pancreas Adeno-carcinoma Capan-2 TB-80
Prostate carcinoma DU145 HTB-81
Colorectal carcinoma HCT116 CCL-247
Breast carcinoma BT474 HTB-20
Lung carcinoma NCI-H1650 CRL-5800
Glioblastoma U251
Mouse fibroblast 3T3-L1 CL-173

Example of downstream application data

Chromatin Shearing

HepG cells cultivated on our new 3D micro pattern cell culture plates. Chromatin was sheared according to iDeal ChIP-seq kit procedure.

H3K4me Western blot performed on chromatin isolated from 3D micro pattern culture of HepG cells.
WCL = whole cell lysate of HeLa cells.

3D cell culture optimizes the ability for cell differentiation compared to 2D

Human mesenchymal UET-13 stem cells cultivated on 3D micro pattern culture plate shows increased ability to differentiate to adipocyte compared with 2D. Lipid-droplet stained by Oil red O.

Marker gene expressions showed higher efficiency of differentiation into mature adipocyte expressing Adiponectin, PPARγ and C/EBPα.

Miyagawa et al, Tissue Eng Part A. (2011)


Cat. No.ProductFormatPrice
C18020003-100 3D micro pattern culture plate-384
384 wells micro pattern culture plates developed for 3D cell culture and spheroid formation.
100 pc


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