iDeal ChIP-seq kit

  • Validated: Only kit on the market validated for GAIIx (Illumina®) and PGM™ (Ion Torrent™)Only 100.000 cells needed for ChIP-seq with the iDeal
    ChIP-seq kit
  • Proven: Our expertise with ChIP-seq tools enables reproducible and efficient results every time
  • Complete: Kit includes control antibodies, control primer pairs and IPure DNA purification module


Performance of the iDeal ChIP-seq kit is optimal with Diagenode's ChIP-seq grade antibodies and IPure Magnetic DNA Purification module (included with the kit) .

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Only 100.000 cells needed for ChIP-seq with the iDeal ChIP-seq kit
Validated-with-Illumina-Ion Torrent-Life Technologies
Validated-with-Illumina-Ion Torrent-Life Technologies

ChIP-seq has been performed using chromatin from HeLa cells, the iDeal ChIP-seq kit and the Diagenode ChIP-seq-grade H3K4me3 antibody.

Image A shows a region of chromosome 12 with high similarity of read distribution between the Diagenode data and the data from the Broad Institute.

Image B shows a comparison between the ChIP-seq dataset from this experiment and a reference dataset from the Broad Institute. We observed a perfect match between the top 40% of Diagenode peaks and the reference dataset. Based on the NIH Encode project criterion, ChIP-seq results are considered reproducible between an original and reproduced dataset if the top 40% of peaks have at least an 80% overlap ratio with the compared dataset.



The Gold Standard for ChIP-seq antibodies

The Gold Standard ChIP-seq grade antibodies