High reproducibility & flexibility to produce
high quality ChIP-seq data

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The IP-Star® Automated System delivers high quality ChIP-seq data

H3K4me3 ChIP-seq results obtained (1) with the Diagenode IP-Star Compact® Automated System and (2) manually.
ChIP was performed on sheared chromatin from 2 million leukemia cells using 2 μg of Diagenode's H3K4me3 antibody and analyzed on an Illumina Genome Analyzer. The figure shows the peak distribution along the GAPDH gene. These results clearly show high similarity of peaks distribution. Data obtained by the IP-Star® showed high correlation with manual ChIP results.

Decrease the amount of chromatin needed for your experiments

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Diagenode is dedicated to characterize every batch of antibody using established QC procedures, there by maximizing the reproducibility of our antibodies between batches.

Figure 1. Four different batches of H3K4me3 are tested in the same ChIP experiment. Samples are analyzed by qPCR using GAPDH promoter (positive locus) and Myoglobin exon 2 (negative locus) primer pairs.

ChIP-seq comparaison of different batches

Select the best reagents for your antibodies

Selecting the magnetic beads that best fit your antibody