Bisulfite conversion has never been more efficient & faster!

MagBisulfite kit
  • Fastest, most streamlined procedure available for complete conversion in 3.5 hours
  • Magnetic bead - based purification provides maximum yield of converted DNA
  • High sensitivity - From 1µg to as little as 1 ng
  • Conversion efficiency > 99%

Highest recovery obtained with IPure magnetic beads
Figure 1

Figure 1: Comparison of DNA recovery using the MagBisulfite kit and kits from competitor Q and Z. CTS is a higly methylated region in MCF7 cells.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Human Genomic DNA was converted with Diagenode Bisulfite Conversion kit and purified with IPure Magnetic beads, columns-based purification, GlassMilk or ultrafiltration with Microcon centrifugal filters. IPure magnetic beads purification results in better DNA recovery after bisulfite conversion.


High conversion rate (> 99%)
Figure 3

Figure 3: Methylation profiling by bisulfite sequencing. 1 µg of human genomic DNA from MCF7 cells was converted with Diagenode Bisulfite conversion kit and sequenced to analyze the methylation status of 3 genomic loci. A: CTS region is higly methylated in MCF7 cells. B: claudin region is medium methylated region. C: gapdh is a unmethylated region.



Bisulfite conversion is a method to profile DNA methylation at single nucleotide resolution. Sodium bisulfite is used to convert cytosine residues to uracil residues in single-stranded DNA, while 5-methylcytidine remains non-reactive. Our optimized reagents ensure complete conversion and minimize DNA degradation during the treatment. The converted DNA is then desulphonated and purified using IPure magnetic beads. The use of IPure magnetic beads results in high DNA recovery which is compatible for all down-stream applications used for analysis of bisulfite-converted DNA.

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