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August 8th 2014

Diagenode Launches Novel CRISPR/Cas9 Monoclonal Antibody | Download

November 8th 2013

Diagenode Launches Extensively Validated Epigenetic Antibodies for Broad Research Use Cell Genomics | Download

April 26th 2013

Researchers Identify Diagenode Kit as Industry-leading Solution for Studying Global DNA Methylation | Download

April 5th 2013

Diagenode Introduces Innovative Bioruptor® Pico for Micro-Volume Chromatin and DNA Shearing. | Download

March 20th 2012

Diagenode is Proud to Announce Its Participation in Cell-O-Matic, an Exciting Programme About Single Cell Genomics | Download

August 16th 2011

The David H. Koch Institute for Inte Research and the BioMicro Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Partner With Diagenode for Automating Epigenetic Assays | Download

March 2nd 2011

Bioruptor® Sonicator chosen as the DNA shearing instrument for the validated shotgun library preparation workflow of Ion Torrent's Personal Genome Machine (PGM™) System | Download

March 15th 2010

Diagenode Introduces New Bioruptor Sonicator Models: Systems Optimized for High-Throughput and for Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation | Download

February 12th 2010

Diagenode Announces Launch of Automated Epigenetics Platform: Completes successful collaborations with Drs. Peggy Farnham and Henk Stunnenberg on automated chromatin and DNA methylation assays | Download