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February 9-13th, 2014
Molecular Medicine Triconference
San Francisco, USA
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February 10-12th 2014
SFBD- Meeting 2014 - Plasticité Cellulaire et homéostasie des tissus
FIAP Jean Monnet, Paris France

March 20-22th 2014
Reprogrammed Stem Cells
Berlin, Germany

April 5-9, 2014
American Association for Cancer Research AACR
San Diego, USA
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April 10-11th, 2014
Oslo Epigenetics Symposium
Oslo, Norway
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April 29-30th, 2014
Genomics Research
San Francisco, CA
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May18-20th, 2014
Midwest Chromatin and Epigenetics Meeting
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
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June 18-21st, 2014
ISSCR International Stem Cell Conference
Vancouver, Canada
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June 30-July 1st, 2014
17th Meeting on T-Cells Subsets and Functions
Marburg, Germany
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August 23-26th, 2014
Transcription and Chromatin
EMBL Heidelbeirg, Germany
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September 9-12th, 2014
1st Congress BIO 2014
Warsaw, Poland
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September 17-19th 2014
HGV 2014
Belfast, UK
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September 23-24th 2014
Plant Molecular Cytogenetics in Genomic and Postgenomic Era
Katowice, Poland
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October 9-12th, 2014
IMB Conference
Nuclear RNA in Gene Regulation & Chromatin Strucure
Mainz, Germany
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October 10-11th 2014
Potsdam, germany
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October 28-31st, 2014
Epigenomics of Common Diseases
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK
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October 30th, 2014
11th Dutch Chromatin Symposium
Utrecht, Netherlands

November 3-5th, 2014
GSCN Conference
DKFZ Heidelberg, Germany
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November 11-12th, 2014
NGS 2014
Sheffield, UK
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November 20th, 2014
NGS 2014 Nordic
Odense, Denmark
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January 10-13th, 2015
41st Annual Conference of the IETS
Versailles, France
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