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SX-8G IP-Star® Automated System

Chromatin immunoprecipitation and DNA methylation assays followed by next generation sequencing is a powerful technique for generating genome-wide profiles of epigenetic modifications and transcription factor binding sites. The SX-8G IP-Star® Automated System provides the flexibility needed to change multiple parameters in the protocols to achieve optimal experimental conditions. Samples generated on the system are compatible with popular downstream applications such as QPCR, microarrays and next generation sequencing platforms. In addition to automated ChIP and DNA methylation protocols, this system contains a wide variety of protocols including next generation sequencing.

SX-8G IP-Star® Automated System B03000001 (UH-001-0001) 1 unit CONTACT US

  • Generate high-resolution ChIP-seq and MeDIP-seq profiles
  • Flexibility to adapt to all experimental parameters
  • Reduced hands-on time ( 30 minutes!)
  • Automated Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing assays
  • PC based software
  • Software training required
  • Manual dispensing of assay reagents

PC based software



ChIP-seq  data produced using Diagenode' Auto Histone ChIP-seq kit and the IP-Star automated system

We performed in collaboration with the Genome Center (UC Davis) automated ChIP followed by next generation sequencing (Illumina Genome Analyzer) to map the epigenomic profiles of six major histone modifications in human primary T cells. >> See the poster

ChIP-seq results
ChIP-seq results

Figure 1. Auto ChIP-seq assays were performed on the SX8G IP-Star using primary human CD4 and CD8 T cells isolated by negative magnetic separation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Each Auto-ChIP sample was performed using Diagenode's  Auto Histone ChIP-seq kit reagents and contained 1 ug of input chromatin. Illumina Genome Analyzer libraries were prepared and the samples were sequenced at the DNA Technologies Core at UC Davis.

Feedback Peggy Farnham, Department of Pharmacology, University of California Davis


ChIP-seq experiments with antibodies directed against Transcription Factors

ChIP-seq results obtained whit Diagenode monoclonal antibodies directed against TBP, PolII and Polyclonal antibodies directed against H3K9/14ac and H3K4me3

Figure 2. ChIP-seq results were obtained with Diagenode monoclonal antibodies directed against TBP, Pol II and polyclonal antibodies directed against H3K9/14ac and H3K4me3. For TBP, ChIP was performed with 5 μg of the Diagenode antibody on sheared chromatin from 1 million HeLaS3 cells using the “Auto Histone ChIP-seq” kit on the IP-Star automated system. Library preparation, cluster generation and sequencing were performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. IP’d DNA was subsequently analysed with an Illumina Genome Analyzer. Figure shows the peak distribution in 50 kb regions surrounding GAPDH. These results clearly show a localisation of TBP at the promoter of the GAPDH gene.


© 2012. Diagnenode s.a. All rights reserved. IP-Star® is a registered trademark of Diagenode. IP-Star is a product range of consumables and reagents for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation and DNA Methylation studies. SX-8G is a Precision System Science Co., Ltd instrument. Diagenode is an exclusive distributor of SX-8G for North America and Europe for Epigenetic applications

  • Sample preparation
  • MeDIP
  • hMeDIP
  • MethylCap
  • ChIP
  • Re-ChIP
  • MagBisulfite
  • RNA-IP
  • IPure
  • Library preparation for NGS platforms

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