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Methylated DNA enrichment with MBD (methylbinding domain) protein

DNA is typically modified with the addition of a methyl group at the fifth position of cytosine following DNA replication. DNA methylation is involved in a number of biological processes including regulation of imprinted genes, X chromosome inactivation, and tumor suppressor gene silencing in cancer cells. Methylation often occurs in cytosine-guanine rich regions of DNA (CpG islands), which are commonly upstream of promoter regions.

The MBD approach is based on the very high affinity of a H6-GST-MBD fusion protein for methylated DNA. This protein consists of the methyl binding domain (MBD) of human MeCP2, as a C-terminal fusion with Glutathione-S-transferase (GST) containing an N-terminal His6-tag. The H6-GST-MBD fusion protein can be used to specifically isolate DNA containing methylated CpGs.

Diagenode’s MethylCap® kit enables high enrichment of double-stranded DNA and a differential fractionation in function of the methylated CpG density. Fractionation reduces the complexity of your sample and makes therefore subsequent next generation sequencing easier.


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Prior to the MethylCap assay, DNA is first extracted and sheared using the Bioruptor® Sonicator.

Auto MethylCap kit x48
MethylCap kit x48
H6-GST-MBD fusion protein