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DNA and RNA Shearing

The Bioruptor® Pico sonicator provides superior sample yields, fragment size, and consistency, which are essential for cost-effective Next-Generation Sequencing workflows.

In recent years, advances in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) have revolutionized genomics and biology. This growth has fueled demands on upstream techniques for optimal sample preparation and genomic library construction. One of the most critical aspects of optimal library preparation is the quality of the DNA to be sequenced. The DNA must first be effectively and consistently sheared into the appropriate fragment size (depending on the sequencing platform) to enable sensitive and reliable NGS results.

The Bioruptor® Pico is the instrument of choice for DNA shearing (e.g. genomic DNA), offering the consistency, throughput, and high quality sample preparation that NGS demands for even read coverage. The Bioruptor® Pico reduces the complexity of library preparation shearing multiple samples simultaneously, producing unbiased DNA fragments within the tight size distribution required for effective sequencing. The Bioruptor® Pico also enables optimal yields of high quality DNA by gently shearing samples due to ACT (Adaptive Cavitation Technology) in a temperature-controlled environment to avoid any thermal damage to the sample.


True flexibility with the Bioruptor® Pico

Shear DNA down to 10 µl with robust and reproducible results

Results showing DNA shearing down to 10 µl with robust and reproducible results

Programmable DNA size distribution and high reproducibility with Bioruptor® Pico using 0.65 (panel A) or 0.1 ml (panel B) microtubes.

Panel A and B show DNA size distribution of sheared human genomic DNA using standard operating conditions.

Panel A: 200 bp after 13 cycles (13 sec ON/OFF) using 100 µl volume. Average size: 204; CV%:1.89%)

Panel B: 200 bp after 20 cycles (30 sec ON/OFF) using 10 µl volume. (Average size: 215 bp; CV%: 6.6%)

Panel A & B: peak electropherogram view.

Panel C & D: virtual gel view

New! Added flexibility for your research needs: Shear chromatin in 10-300 µl

The Bioruptor® Pico offers additional benefits and flexibility for your other shearing needs. Given the excellent performance of the Bioruptor® Pico in shearing DNA in smaller volumes, we now offer the added benefit of shearing chromatin in only 10-300 µl.

Consistent and highly reproducible chromatin shearing with the Bioruptor® Pico


Panel A, 10 µl volume: Chromatin samples are sheared for 10, 20 and 30 cycles of 30 sec ON/30 sec OFF with the Bioruptor® Pico using 0.1 ml Bioruptor® Microtubes (Cat. No. B01200041). Panel B, 100 µl volume: Chromatin samples are sheared for 10 cycles of 30 sec ON/30 sec OFF with the Bioruptor® Pico using 0.65 ml Bioruptor® Microtubes (Cat. No. WA-005-0500). Panel C, 300 µl volume: Chromatin samples are sheared for 5, 10 and 15 cycles of 30 sec ON/30 sec OFF with the Bioruptor® Pico using using 1.5 ml Bioruptor microtubes (Cat. No. C30010016).

Prior to de-crosslinking, samples are treated with RNase cocktail mixture at 37°C during 1 hour. The sheared chromatin is then de-crosslinked overnight and phenol/chloroform purified as described in the kit manual. 10 µl of DNA (equivalent of 500, 000 cells) are analyzed on a 2% agarose gel (MW corresponds to the 100 bp DNA molecular weight marker).


  Bioruptor® Sonicator Competitor C Sonicator Tip/Probe Sonicators
Desirable fragment sizes for sequencing NO
Consistent fragment sizes from 100 bp - 1000+ bp NO
Validated for chromatin shearing
Multiplexing capability NO NO
High-troughput NO NO
Simple operation
Consistency between samples within runs NO
Perform small DNA Shearing of 18 samples/hour NO NO
100% recovery of DNA sample NO NO
Cost of operation Low High Low

* Comparison made between the Bioruptor®, Competitor C and Tip/Probe sonicators

Current protocols

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Bioruptor® Pico

Bioruptor® Pico

Microtubes for DNA Shearing

0.1 ml Bioruptor® Microtubes (Cat. No. C30010015)

Microtubes for DNA Shearing

0.65 ml Bioruptor® Microtubes (Cat. No. WA-005-0500)

Graph showing the excellent reproducibility with Bioruptor NGS

Programmable RNA size distribution and excellent reproducibility with Bioruptor® NGS also applicable with Bioruptor® Pico

Bioruptor NGS Case Study cover

Boruptor® NGS Case Study