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Cell lysis and Tissue homogenization

Various biochemical and analytical techniques require the extraction of protein and/or RNA from tissues or mammalian, yeast and bacterial cells. Obtaining high quality and yields of proteins is important for further downstream protein characterization such as in PAGE, western blotting, mass spectrometry, or protein purification. Isolating intact RNA is essential for many techniques used in gene expression analysis.

Protein Extraction

Bioruptor® Standard/Plus

Required materials


Bioruptor® Pico

Required materials

Western blot analysis of GAPDH and HSP90 proteins in tissues (various mouse tissues) and cultured cell extracts (HeLA).

Western blot analysis of GAPDH and ß-tubulin proteins in tissues (mouse liver) and cultured cell extracts (HeLA).


RNA Extraction

Required materials

In order to obtain optimal yields of proteins and RNA, the efficient disruption and homogenization of tissues and cultured cells are required. Diagenode's Bioruptor® uses state-of-the-art ultrasound ACT (Adaptive Cavitation Technology) combined with unique devices such as beads or tubes acting as sonication « enhancers » or dedicated reagents (such as our RNA extraction reagent) to efficiently disrupt tissues and cultured cells in just one step to deliver high quality RNA and protein extraction. Bioruptor® offers unique benefits for cell lysis and tissue homogenization:


  Bioruptor® Sonicator Competitor C Sonicator Tip/Probe Sonicators
Multiplexing capability NO NO
High-throughput NO NO
Simple operation
Consistency between samples within runs NO
Cost of operation Low High Low
Value High Low Low
Protein Preservation High High Low

* Comparison made between the Bioruptor®, Competitor C and Tip/Probe sonicators


Protein extraction from Tissues and Cultured Cells using Bioruptor® Pico | Download

Protein Extraction from Tissues and Cultured Cells using Bioruptor® (Standard/Plus) | Download

RNA Extraction from tissue using Bioruptor® (Standard/Plus) | Download

Bacteria Cell Disruption using Bioruptor® | Download

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  Compatible models
Bioruptor® Pico
Bioruptor® Plus
Bioruptor® Standard
(Only available in the US)
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