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 Hydrocarbons (jet fuel JP-8) induce epigenetic 
 transgenerational inheritance of disease and germ 
 cell epimutations 
Permanent alterations in methylation patterns in germ cells of F3 generation rats occur following exposure of F0 generation females to bisphenol A, phthalates, dioxins, and pesticide mixtures, subsequently promoting transgenerational disease and unique epigenomes. The researchers in this study investigated the effects of a hydrocarbon mixture with jet fuel JP-8 on epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of disease using a rat model. Analysis of the F3 generation epigenome identified 33 differential DNA methylation regions, termed epimutations. These epimutations may be useful as early stage biomarkers of jet fuel exposure and the onset of disease. The researchers used the anti-5-methylcytidinemonoclonal 33D3 antibody (MAb-081-010) from Diagenode for MeDIP to help gather data.
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 Dual function of MIPS1 as a metabolic enzyme and 
 transcriptional regulator 
Myo-inositol phosphate synthase (MIPS) is a critical in primary metabolism and crucial for plant development. The researchers in this study found this enzyme to be imported in the nucleus and interact with the histone methyltransferases ATXR5 and ATXR. Additionally, MIPS1 controls its own transcription through chromatin changes (inhibition of heterochromatin spreading). Furthermore, as a pathogen response, MIPS1 expression is reduced epigenetically, showing a complex regulatory mechanism acting at the transcriptional level. Thus, in plants, MIPS1 has evolved as a protein that connects cellular metabolism with chromatin functions. In this study, the Diagenode Bioruptor was used for chromatin shearing and the IPure kit for immunoprecipitated DNA purification.
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