iDeal ChIP-seq kit

The only kit validated for the two main commercial sequencers


High yield protein extraction with the Bioruptor and Protein Extraction kit


Maximum RNA yields and integrity with the Bioruptor

Unparalleled ChIP and ChIP-Seq results
with rigorously validated antibodies

5 stars

Finally, antibodies you can TRUST!


Since 2004, Diagenode has partnered with leading epigenetics experts and the epigenetics consortium to produce and validate epigenetic reagents including antibodies. In 2012, Diagenode revolutionized immunoprecipitation with a novel, rigorous antibody classification system for epigenetic assays. We have established a novel categorization of our antibodies into three different classes dependent on their level of validation to help you establish confidence in choosing your antibody. Finally, achieve robust results with antibodies you can TRUST.




Indicated with 5 stars in our catalog. These antibodies have reached the highest level of validation from the extensive work realized in numerous collaborations and the EU community of epigenetic experts. All are validated for ChIP-seq and exhibit it superior performance for virtually any application.

The Premium antibodies passed the most stringent bioinformatic tests (e.g. matching the reference data sets from the Broad Institute). All of our partners consider these as the best possible, highest performance antibodies available and will likely become the next international standards.

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Indicated with 4 stars in our catalog. These antibodies have reached the well known excellence in the epigenetics community, as they were validated for ChIP or showed superior performance within the many popular immunoassays. These antibodies are considered as the best industry standards available since 2003.

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Indicated with 3 stars in our catalog. These antibodies have been successfully validated for their specificity against the antigen used to raise them. Diagenode considers these as early candidates that are in the process of rigorous validation and confirmation as a 4 or a 5 star class antibody. Every Pioneer antibody is a new addition to the Diagenode catalog (since October 2012).

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